About Us

Designer Planters for your home

Brightening homes with unique, durable products made with plant based plastic.

Let There Be Plants

We manufacture on-demand and locally in the heart of Toronto. This reduces inefficiencies without sacrificing quality – less waste, better planters.

Designer Planters Made Affordable

We provide durable lightweight products to house your plants. To ensure that we are taking steps to protect the environment, we use a plant-based bioplastic, PLA. PLA uses less energy than conventional oil-based plastics and generates about 60 per cent fewer greenhouse gases. On top of that, this material is biodegradable in certain composting conditions so, fortunately it  will not degrade in your home.

Our goal is to deliver sustainable and high-quality products to prioritize the environment. We also proudly manufacture locally, in Canada, which allows us to limit our greenhouse  gas emissions due to transportation. We hope you enjoy providing a sustainable home for your plants.